Olam provides high-quality walnuts in bulk to a variety of customers. Our walnut supply chain is set up so that we can source quality walnuts all year-round, and we work with a number of farmers in the USA and Chile. These walnuts are then sent to our facility in Vietnam to be hand-cracked. Hand cracking prevents dust and scuff marks, giving a superior appearance to our wholesale walnuts and making them a great snacking grade. On our FAQs page, we provide a number of reasons why you should buy your walnuts from Olam.

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At Olam, you can choose between whole walnuts which are perfect for food retailers, or you can buy bulk walnuts in quarters and pieces which are low in foreign material and an ideal input for food manufacturers.

Walnuts have been labelled a superfood because of their high omega-3 content. They are also a great source of healthy fats, which contribute to a balanced diet. With many Australians now switching to vegan diets, walnuts are a popular meat alternative. When blended they have a substantial texture which is enhanced by the addition of spices and seasonings. Buying bulk walnuts online can help you expand your businesses’ vegan offering.

Walnut flour is becoming a popular choice for people on gluten-free diets as a flour substitute for cakes, baking and savoury recipes. On our market insights page, you can find out more about the walnut market and the popularity of these nuts as an ingredient across the world.

Olam offers a wide range of other edible nuts including bulk almonds and wholesale pistachios. Our website provides easy online shopping, simply to register an account to see the prices for our products. Feel free to contact us for help or to find out more about our range.

More About Our Walnuts

Are walnuts good for you?

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help moderate a healthy heart. When walnuts are eaten as part of a balanced diet, they help keep your arteries free of plaque and reduce inflammation in your body. Omega-3 acids have also been shown to raise the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol (known as HDL) in your body.

How are walnuts harvested?

Walnuts are harvested when the nut reaches maturity, at this point the hull start to split. Harvest time for USA-grown walnuts is from mid-September until November. A mechanical shaker is used to shake the nuts off the tree, and then the nuts are picked up using harvesting equipment. Hullers remove the outer hulls, leaving the shells. At Olam, our bulk walnuts for sale have been hand cracked, which ensures the walnuts are better looking and retain their shelf life.