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Our Peanut Supply Chain

Olam is a global supplier of customised peanut products, including kernels, ingredients such as paste, and peanut oil.

Our Value to your business:

Customisable ingredient products

Third-largest peanut sheller in the USA

Largest peanut blancher in the USA with 4 facilities providing scale


We have strong peanut origination capability in USA and also sourcing offices in China and India.

In the USA we source peanuts from over 1000 farmers across Georgia, Florida and Alabama states. These states produce high and low oleic conventional Runner variety peanuts. The Hi Oleic share of the crop is highly sought after by large US confectioners.

We contract with growers on fixed price /quantity basis either for spot or forward delivery. Farmers can also choose to deliver and “hold and wait”. Through the mechanism of a Farm Bill, the government pays storage until farmers are ready to sell. Most growers do not store on farm but instead deliver to Olam’s buying points where we grade their product according to USDA standards. We segregate according to grade and other parameters, like aflatoxin.

We also follow sustainable farming practices, including no-till seeding and are disciplined use of agrochemicals. We have strong origination capability in China, Argentina, India and USA.


From 2014 to 2016, Olam acquired 3 USA-based shelling plants with long history supplying redskins to large industrials. Two plants are located in Georgia and one is in Alabama. We also sell redskins to export markets including Canada, Europe, Mexico, Japan and China. All shelling plants are BRC certified.

In 2007 Olam acquired a USA blanching business and today operates 4 facilities for cleaning, remilling, blanching, and ingredients. Our main blanching sites are in Sylvester and Blakely, Georgia, we also blanch and roast in Dublin, Texas, and process ingredients at Edenton, North Carolina, These blanching businesses process for a range of shelling businesses and toll process for other customers.

Value Added Processing

Our Ingredients plants in Dublin and Edenton are HACCP, ISO and BRC certified. Through these facilities we offer dry roasted peanuts, granulated peanuts and paste to meet customer specifications.

Shipping & Distribution

Our Standard pack type for export is 1000 KG bags but we also offer product in 50kg bags.

Harvest and Market Dynamics

In the USA peanuts are harvested between September and October. The state of Florida will normally harvest first and is usually 2-3 weeks ahead of Georgia and Alabama.

Peanut pricing fluctuates with fundamentals. Though peanuts add nitrogen to soil and are generally included every 3 years in a crop rotation, the supply of peanuts is impacted by farmer returns from substitution crops cotton and corn. It is also impacted by the USA Farm Bill which is revised approximately every 4 years.

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