As our Australian almond harvest is rapidly approaching, we’ll be sharing insights and updates leading up to, during, and after harvest season.  Thanks to our Manager of Technical Services @Zubair Shahzad for their insights.

The month of February traditionally heralds the start of the harvest season for our almond orchards. The start of harvest can vary, it depends on when the orchards accumulate sufficient heat units to mature the nuts.

Warmer weather accelerates nut maturity while cool weather delays it. The 2021 season recorded 1% hull split (b2 stage) around 150 days after full bloom. By comparison to last year and its hot season, hull split started 4 days earlier, around 146 days after full bloom.

This year we expect our harvest to be in full swing by around by 7th of February, with a few orchards harvesting earlier.

During the harvest we employ machines called shakers to shake the almonds to the ground, which are then swept into windrows by sweepers. The almonds stay on the orchard floor to dry and then are picked up by the harvesting equipment. If the rain stays away, we expect our harvest to run smoothly.  

Stay tuned for more updates like this on the Australian almond crop and harvest!