The State of California has officially recognised this to be a drought year as we are now in the fourth quarter of our rainy season.  A number water districts are setting water allocations to zero and drought conditions are more intense this year than last year.

It is reported that we are behind in some areas more than -20 inches of rain compared to a normal.  There is no forecast for rain on the 10 day forecast.  This is looking similar to the 2014 drought period.

The industry remains relatively quiet as many went on leave for the Easter Holidays.  Additionally, growers and handlers are waiting for the March shipment report due out next Friday April 9th to be released.

We continue to see the Nonpareil kernels harder to find this week as 25/27 and above are hard to source and as a result the market continues to firm on the Nonpareil variety overall.  On the other hand, the other varieties such as Carmel Types and Cals are more readily available and unchanged.