With just one week to the month end, almond harvest is in full swing up and down the state. News of smaller kernel sizes continue to be the main conversation.  At this point, it’s looking like larger size kernels will be even harder to find than they were last year.  Consequently, a larger spread is forming between the various sizes. 

It is clear now that the Nonpareil crop is lower this year, with reports not improving as we have gotten further along into harvest. With the Nonpareil variety accounting for such a large percentage of the crop, one could see how the Objective Estimate of 2.8 billion pounds can quickly become a reality.  It is still early, but not too early to discuss these factors. 

Over the coming weeks we will start to see the other varieties harvested (60% of the crop) and come through the huller/sheller operations. This will add additional data points needed to fill out the landscape we will be working with for the 2021 crop year.

The fires in California continue to burn.  The Caldor fire is uncontrolled as more and more homes are at risk, as it makes its way to Lake Tahoe.  Many have been evacuated.  The main entrance into South Lake Tahoe, has been closed for over a week now. A startling 197 square miles (an area larger than California) is now scorched.