The almond growing season has been outstanding thus far despite drought like conditions.  While we have had unseasonably hot temperatures, we have also had cool downs at night and the last 5 days the temperatures cooled off to a more reasonable high in the low 90’s and morning lows of 59 degrees.   Unfortunately, we are going up to triple digits this weekend and into next week.

What does it all mean?  Well, it means more water required to keep the almond trees healthy. In order to maximize the yield, they will need all the water they can get in these higher temperatures.  With the drought centre stage, access to water and the quality of their water, will be fundamental to how growers get through the remaining 30 to 45 days of the growing season. 

June has really flown by, the shipping issues remain a problem for the industry and despite the great shipping numbers exhibited by export, it is something to imagine what could have been under normal circumstances.  Unfortunately, normal seems to be far off.  For now, we will manage expectations accordingly, and continue to all do our best to work through it. June shipments are expected to be another record month as July will close out the 2020 crop year with a bang to be sure!


Remaining Benchmark Dates:

    • Next shipping report: July 9, 2021 (new crop sales will continue to be reported)
    • Objective Estimate: July 12, 2021
    • Final shipping report for the 2020 crop year: August 12, 2021