Californians made it through the heatwave these past few weeks, we are now enjoying lower to mid-70’s temperatures. A short break before we are back into the high 90’s and triple digits again next week.

The May shipping report was released late last week and represents another record month at 219 million pounds, a 42% increase over last May.  This brings total shipments for the year to 2,448 billion pounds, 21.4% ahead of same time last year.  With two shipping months left, we have exceeded total sales of last year's 2.372 billion pounds and added an additional 103 million pounds of sales for the month.

There is no reason to think that the industry will not ship any less than 2.88 billion pounds or thereabouts. This will give us a carry-over around 610 million pounds.  As a reminder, the carry-over historically is used to cover an 8 week supply for transition from current crop to new crop.

The May report also shows new crop sales for the 2021 season.  To date the industry has sold 231.5 million pounds which represents 7% of the crop based on a 3.2 billion pound estimate.  Most do not believe the crop will reach the estimate due to the drought and acreage coming out of the ground which has not been accounted for.