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Walnuts Chandler Handcracked LHP 20% 2x5kg ctns

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Product Details
Origin USA
Variety Chandler
Grade Handcracked Light Halves 20%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200x1000x2060mm
Pack Size 10kg Carton
Treatment Handcracked
Lead Time 87 Days
Units / Pallet 70

Our walnuts are handcracked in Vietnam. The process of Handcracking delivers a better product. It produces walnut halves that are visually better than machine cracking. It also results in lower scuff marks on the nut which lessens oxidation, allows the product to preserve its shelf life and lowers likelihood of early rancidity. The handcracking is also gentler and generates a lower level of dust which gives our product a cleaner natural appearance.




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Product: Walnuts Chandler Handcracked LHP 20% 2x5kg ctns