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Cashew Organic WW320 50lbs ctn

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Product Details
Origin Various
Variety Non Varietal
Grade Organic White Wholes
Size 320 count
Dimensions (LxWxH) -
Pack Size 50lb Carton
Treatment Organic
Lead Time 7 Business Days
Units / Pallet -

We take steps in our supply chain to ensure our cashews arrive at your warehouse insect free and ready to use. In 2010 we constructed an “EC02” airtight chamber for treatment at our Bien Hoa cashew facility. This treatment is 100pct non-toxic: Cashew cartons are placed in the chamber and oxygen and temperature is adjusted to create an environment where insects cannot survive. This technique is environmentally friendly and leaves no chemical residue. It also guarantees a 99.998pct mortality rate for all life stages including larvae, pupae and adult pests. Finally, the vacuum seal on our cartons protects our cashews during transit.


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Product: Cashew Organic WW320 50lbs ctn