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Our Walnut Supply Chain

We have partnered with growers in USA and Chile to be able to offer high quality snacking grade walnuts from our facility in Vietnam

Our Value to your business:

Hand-cracked snacking grade for a superior appearance

Low dust and scuff marks

A processing flow that removes foreign material

Sourced from California and Chile to deliver year-round fresh supply


Olam farms 300 acres of walnuts in California. We have also partnered with 2 BRC/SQF growers in the USA and Chile to secure a year-round supply of walnut inshells, which are carefully selected for producing a high-quality hand cracked product. We offer traceability to farmgate.



Our walnuts are hand cracked in our BRC certified facilities in Vietnam. Cracking the shells by hand allows us to produce a ’scuff‘ free appearance with low dust. The un-damaged skin retains its natural protection from oxidation.

We take care throughout our supply chain to ensure our product is the best available. Packing is carried out in a modified atmosphere to retain shelf life. The modified atmosphere reduces deterioration and rancidity caused by mould and anaerobic organisms. Inshell and Finished Goods are stored in cold stores.


Value Added Processing

Shells removed during our hand cracking process shells are larger and easier to remove. We hand sort our kernels to further reduce foreign material, creating an ideal ingredient for buyers of quarters and small pieces.

Shipping & Distribution

Our standard pack type is 10kg cartons. We ship high halves products (LHP80, LHP90) in reefer containers. Transit from Vietnam to Australia is approximately 28 days.

Harvest and Market Dynamics

Harvest periods vary depending on the origin. Californian walnuts are harvested between September and October. However, in Chile, walnuts are harvested from April to May. Early varieties are Tulare and Serr, Chandler is a usually harvested 2-3 weeks later. We offer new season Californian Chandler shipped from Vietnam in December and switch to new season Chilean around June shipments.

Seasonal price lows generally coincide with the Californian harvest, and to a lesser extent with the Chilean harvest. Because walnuts are a semi-perishable nut, suppliers avoid holding surplus nuts through to the next season.

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