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Our Pistachio Supply Chain

Our Value to your business:

Customisable grades in between US specifications

We shell on demand for freshness

Engineered for low foreign material


We are growing our Pistachio footprint and Olam now has over 1500 acres of orchards in California. This is complemented by our sourcing program; we buy pistachios from several leading primary processors in California.

We also follow sustainable farming practices, including no-till seeding and are disciplined use of agrochemicals. We have strong origination capability in China, Argentina, India and USA.


Our BRC accredited Pistachio facility is in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and imports pistachios, hulled and sorted in California, for further processing. In our facility we clean, shell and artificially open pistachios for inshell and ingredients.

The plant is 5000 square metres with a process flow engineered to remove foreign material. This includes colour sorters, infra and x-ray screen, metal detectors and a hand sort step. The result is a product with significantly lower foreign material than the US standard and ideal as an ingredient for manufacturing.

We provide health and labour training to all employees and farming contractors, and our are certified to GMP, HACCP, BRC, Kosher, SMETA-4 (Sedex member) standards. We also have shelling plants in India and USA and four blanching facilities in the USA and India.

Value Added Processing

We offer roasted and salted inshell and kernel. For confectionary we offer green paste and diced and slivered kernel.

Shipping & Distribution

Our standard packing is 25lb or 10kg cartons and 1 ton bulk bags. Kernels are vacuum-packed. And inshell is packed with a loose vacuum.


Harvest and Market Dynamics

The USA harvest is between September and October. Iran harvest around the same time. The supply of Californian inshell is dominated by several large US growers who bring their crop to market in early October, at which time processors take annual contracts. Liquidity tends to be low towards the end of the season with most of the Californian crop committed by August.

The pistachio tree has a 2-year cycle characterised by an “off year” which yields 70pct of the previous “on year”. 2019 will be an off year. The Californian industry represents around 60pct of global supply and is the price leader. The Iranian crop can be temperamental, last year it was devasted by frost.

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