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Our Almond Supply Chain

With around 19,500 hectares of orchards in Australia and California, USA, we can deliver year-round fresh volumes of high-quality almonds

Our Value to your business:

Largest almond grower globally

Our ingredients facility in Vietnam is BRC accredited

Our Australian supply chain is vertically integrated

Our market insights are informed by our offices in Fresno, California and in major almond consuming countries


Our Australian orchards comprise 4 million trees across 15,000 hectares in Victoria and southern New South Wales. Predominantly we grow non pareil and the pollinator varieties: Carmel and Price.

In California, our 4,500 hectares of almond orchards produce mainly Non Pareil and Carmel varieties, however we also grow Sonoa, Buttes and Monterrey almonds. Aside from our own farms, our Fresno ofice trades more than 55 million lbs of kernal annually.

In all of our orchads our technical services and agronomy teams support tree health. We use data from tree sensors, drip line flow, soil and weather predictions to track growth and identify issues. These systems allow us to plan irrigation, making oir operations more sustainable.

We are committed to creating quality pollinator habitats. Adjacent to our Fresno orchads we have planted nearly six miles of hedgegrows, combined with wildflowers to cultivate bee friendly habitats. We work with the Almond Industry Boards of both Australia and California and participate in industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting the communities where we operate. This includes investing in state-of-the-art irrigation systems and creating pollinator habitats. We are also working with the Almond Industry Boards of both Australia and California to participate in industry-wide sustainability initiatives.


Our Australian plant located near Carwarp in Northern Victoria is BRC accredited. The facility is 12,000 square metres and integrates hulling, shelling and packing processes. Having these processes under one roof allows us to maintain safety, quality and freshness, and reduce transport costs.

Operating since 2013, the plant ensures a single-point of control of almond quality, traceability and safety from orchard to customer. We utilise optical and lase sorters in the packing roomk and automated quality control technology to consistently globe grade almonds.

Our facility uses optical and laser sorters in the packing room and automated quality control technology to consistently grade material.

Value Added Processing

At our Carwarp facility we have a steam pasteuriser with validation to a 5-log reduction. Our BRC blanching and ingredients processing facility is located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It offers roast, blanched, natural cuts and paste to customer specifications.

Shipping & Distribution

At our processing facility in Carwarp our almonds are stored in our automated temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. We also store almonds in Melbourne in controlled conditions. This maintains the safety and quality of our product, ensuring our customers recieve the best possible products.

Our standard pack types are 12.5kg cartons with liner and 1MT bulk bags.

Harvest and Market Dynamics

In Australia, almonds are harvested between February and April.

In California, USA harvest falls between August and October.

The Californian almond industry represents 90% of global supply and consequently their monthly shipment reports and semi- regular crop estimates impact the price of almonds in Australia. The Australian almond supply is counter seasonal and is mostly sold before the Californian crop is ready to ship in November.

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