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Almonds Non Pareil Wholes&Broken 12.5KG ctn

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Product Details
Origin Australia
Variety Non Pareil
Grade Wholes and Broken
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1165x1165x1630mm
Pack Size 12.5kg Carton
Treatment Natural
Lead Time 21 Days
Units / Pallet 84

Almonds are a high oil containing nut and ideally stored in conditions below 15 degrees and with a relative humidity of less than 65pct. Our processing plant is located in Carwarp, Victoria where temperatures regularly exceed 40 degrees during December and January. After harvest and until your order is out for delivery, our almonds are stored in our climate-controlled Dexion warehouse set at 10 degrees with relative humidity at 60pct. Our adequate warehouse has racking space for 13,000 pallets and that means all our kernel is all stored on-site and under the supervision of our Quality Assurance team.

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Product: Almonds Non Pareil Wholes&Broken 12.5KG ctn