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Alm Kern NP Fancy 23/25 12.5KG ctn EXT

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Product Details
Origin Australia
Variety Non Pareil
Grade Fancy
Size 23/25
Dimensions (LxWxH) -
Pack Size 12.5kg Carton
Treatment Natural
Lead Time 52 Days
Units / Pallet -

This product is graded to a high quality in Vietnam to provide our customers with high quality snacking nut that looks great in any packaging. We complement laser technology with several runs of sorting by hand to remove seasonal defects. This season the trees had a dry finish in the lead up to harvest and we found that the non pareil variety, with its paper-thin skin, was being chipped and scratched more than usual during hulling and shelling processes. Our Vietnam team is able to remove chipped and scratched kernel below a maximum limit of 5pct.


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Product: Alm Kern NP Fancy 23/25 12.5KG ctn EXT